Writing Prompt /// Coffee Break /// August 2016


Each month, I post a writing prompt that you take 10 minutes to write. Just 10 minutes to give yourself a break from what you are working on now but keep you in the flow of working. It may be a topic to write about, or it may be a way of writing that you don't normally use. I am going to try to mix things up so your brain doesn't get bored.

For August, the writing prompt is:

Headline News.

This writing prompt has two directions you could take it. The first option is to look at today's paper (or whatever you get your news from) and read just the headline; then, write a story, not an editorial piece, about what you that is related to that headline. The other option is to write a short piece about what type of headline you'd like to read instead of what the paper actually has printed.

If you post your "Coffee Break" responses anywhere online, I'd love to read them! Share your link in the comments!

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