Who is LV Book Design?

LV is me, Lyn Vicknair. I've been an award winning graphic designer for over a decade, and have worked on branding, editorial, photo editing, cover design, film, packaging and more. However, my love and passion lies in book design.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been an avid reader. As I grew older, and discovered my talent and passion in graphic design, I knew that book design was my dream come true.

I would love nothing more than taking your passion project, your book, and designing a beautiful work of art with it. It's my motto that you should "Love your book."

Why should you work with me?

1. Designs that are professional and beautiful!

2. I'm about more than "just" cover design.

You may be hiring me to design your book cover, but I'm also here to encourage and empower you on this journey of publishing your book. I'm right there along with you, working to make your book a bestseller and have an exciting journey along the way!

3. There's a mission to the madness.

It doesn't matter to me whether you are going the self-publishing route (heck, I've done it!) or the "traditional" publisher route, all books are created equal in my eyes. And just because you don't have in-house designers to meet your needs doesn't mean your book should suffer.

I will work with you one-on-one to create your vision for your book and become a bestseller.

People judge all books by their cover. Let's give your book the best start it can have! If you go the indie route, your book will be indistinguishable from the publisher house books. Let the world judge the quality of writing and not jump to conclusions because of a poor quality cover.

Are you ready to work with LV Book Design?

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