Love your book.


Book design for self-published

and indie authors.


Writing a book is your job.

Designing your work into something you
and your readers will love is mine.


Whether you are self-publishing your work or going the traditional route through a publisher, you put a lot of hard work into your writing. Let me design your book so that it best shows the hard work you put into it. I will make sure your cover is true to the message of the book and you will have input every step of the way. You just wrote a book! Now let me design it, and I know you'll love it, even more.


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Lyn was responsive and attentive throughout the entire process. Also, she went the extra mile and created a fantasy map for me. That told me a lot. Really appreciated that.
— Marion Hill, The Descendant of Destiny & The Transformation Towards Destiny
I *have* recommended LV Designs to friends who write. The experience was very good for me, and I came away with an outstanding product for a good price. Communication was excellent through the process, and I value LV Design’s creative input and quality work.
— Kit Bradley, Mere Anarchy