How long does this process take?

The time frame varies depending on the length of the book, if you have provided the manuscript for me to read, how many covers are being designed, etc.
Typically, after our initial conversation, and once you answer the questionnaire I'll provide you, it takes 10 business days for me to send you the design for your concepts. After that, the process is strongly dependent on your feedback, and changes are made with a quick turn around.


Are there any additional fees I should expect to encounter?

No. There are no hidden or surprise fees. If you want to add on some of the upgrades I offer, the prices are listed on the Packages page, and I will inform you of these costs before I do any of the extra work or charge you for it.


Are your rates standard?

I know that self-publishing is an expensive undertaking, and my rates are very competitive. In most cases, the industry standard for a basic book cover design starts at $1500. I have tailored my packages to include a wide range of price points to fit a large scale of budgets.


What do I need to have ready before I contact you?

You’ll need to have these details ready, preferably, when you email me; but definitely by the time we have our first meeting:

  • Is this a printed book, or an eBook?
  • Paperback, hardback, or hardback with paper jacket?
  • Where is the book being published?
  • WIDTH x HEIGHT of the book (in inches if it’s being printed, pixels if it’s purely web based)
  • Do you have an ISBN code and barcode to provide?


Have more questions?

Please, feel free to go to the Contact page and email me with your questions and concerns.