Setting goals for your writing and the new year


As we begin a new year, a lot of people find this to be a time to set goals for themselves. For creatives, this might be the time we set goals for the works we want to produce over the next twelve months (or at least begin).  Here at LV Book Design, the goals for the upcoming year are these:

  • Help more authors obtain the covers and layouts they love.
  • Expand the "Upgrades" (which are also available for booking on their own) that I offer to my clients.
  • Develop new products to help writers achieve their goals.

On that last note, one thing I can offer writers right now is the extensive workbook I built, filled with worksheets, timelines, charts, etc. all designed to help you flush out your ideas and keep track of your story as you write. Did "write a novel" make it onto your list of goals? If so, you might be struggling with how to even get started with your writing. Taking on big projects, especially ones that are as personal and as vulnerable as writing a book, can be daunting. Sometimes, we just need help getting the ball rolling. Inside this workbook, you'll find sheets to help you build your characters, develop your plot, scene creation help and much more. Sign up to receive your free copy TODAY!

And remember, you'll never finish if you never begin.

Best wishes and happy writing!