Writing Prompt /// Coffee Break /// March 2016


Sometimes, you need to get out of your mind space, and step away from your current project. I've found that mixing things up can really help when I'm frustrated with a project and help me remember why I love my craft in the first place. With that in mind, I decided to start a new monthly segment, "Coffee Break" to help you give your mind a fresh jolt!

Each month, I'll post a writing prompt that you take 10 minutes to write. Just 10 minutes to give yourself a break from what you are working on now but keep you in the flow of working. It may be a topic to write about, or it may be a way of writing that you don't normally use. I am going to try to mix things up so your brain doesn't get bored.

For March, the writing prompt is:

Coffee or Tea?

You probably drink or both of these beverages, but at the very least know someone who enjoys one. Write about it!

If you post your "Coffee Break" responses anywhere online, I'd love to read them! Share your link in the comments!